Tourism in the Osona region is very active, there are many activities in Vic to do, from cultural and historical, to all kinds of Festivals and Fairs, ...

Cultural Tourism

Routes, museums and emblematic buildings of great historical, architectural or artistic interest to know the cultural heritage of Vic and the Osona region. Among which stand the Temple Romà s. II, the walls of the s. XIV, the Cathedral, the Plaza del Mercadal and the City House ... The Episcopal Museum of Vic and the JM Sert Route are also essential to know the past and the history of our country.


Natural tourism

Senderismo y Rutas para hacer a pie, en BTT, a caballo, en quads,... y todo tipo de actividades al aire libre para disfrutar y conocer mejor la comarca de Vic.

No te puedes perder el vuelo en globo, sobrevolar la ciudad de Vic es una sensación única, y descubrirás desde el aire rincones que nunca antes habías visto.




  Local Routes

Green ring

Small trails SR

Grand Trails GR

Vic’s Sorroundings

MTB Routes

Plana de Vic Route

Sau-Collsacabra Route

 Lluçanes Route

Manlleu-Voltreganés Route

Other Routes

Horse riding Routes

4x4 Routes

Canoe Routes

Quad Routes

Hot-air balloon Tours
Tracks Tours. BTT routes

The best stages routes in different modalities and throughout Spain


Fairs, Markets and Festivals

Vic is an important center for fairs and markets, the tradition of the city of Vic has an immemorial origin. Throughout the year the city is filled with fairs, markets and activities that attract many visitors from all over. The Mercado del Ram, the Live Music Market or the Medieval Market position Vic as an important center for fairs and markets at all levels, and has become one of the pioneering cities in the organization of fairs and markets throughout the country .