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Gastronomic notes and the “Trufforum” fair in Vic

Osona, with Vic as its capital, offers us many restaurants, more than five hundred, where we can taste the local cuisine of the area. In their menus we can see countless dishes that include many products from the region, of great quality and unbeatable flavor.

Cuisine has always been a key point when talking about Osona, hence there is a group dedicated to promoting the region's cuisine: “Osona Cuina”.

The great culinary tradition is also ensured thanks to the Osona Hospitality School, in Tona, where medium training cycle cooking courses are taught. If you are curious to know how the students cook and how they perform, take note as they have a restaurant open to the public.


“Osona Cuina” organizes routes that combine culture and gastronomy, we recommend some, such as: The Romanesque route through the city of Vic, in addition to a route to discover the jewels of the Romanesque, the activity includes lunch in some of the main restaurants of the town.


When we think of Vic and Osona in general, a whole delicious variety of sausages come to mind, made with great care and with the best raw materials. The fuet along with morcones, sobrasadas, chorizos, fresh sausages, truffle and a long list of delicious proposals cannot be missing from your list of Musts to taste.

Now, the cuisine of the area is not only characterized by the production of sausages, but is much richer and more diverse.

Dishes made from game and pork stand out, often accompanied by exquisite products typical of this land, such as truffles, mushrooms, potatoes from the buffet and Collsacabra beans.


Explore the captivating world of the truffle during the month of February in Vic, where Trufforum, an international cooperation initiative supported by the European Mycological Institute (EMI), will take place from 1 to 4 February. Since its creation by EMI partners in 2017, TRUFFORUM has established itself as the main international cooperation forum for the exchange of scientific knowledge, sectoral meetings and promotion of the responsible use of truffles.

This annual celebration has the primary objective of promoting the responsible use of the European truffle in both domestic and professional kitchens. Become an international reference for truffle professionals and fans, Trufforum stands as an annual meeting that seeks to spread as much as possible the values and culture associated with this delicious delicacy.

Don't miss the opportunity and join us to explore the underground wonders and discover everything about the truffle in this unique encounter. Welcome to Trufforum! Discover the best-kept secrets of the truffle while participating in exciting educational events and activities.

photos: trufforum.com/vic

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