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Ram Market 2023

Mercat del Ram 2023: All the information on the historic Vic Market The Mercat del Ram de Vic is one of the most important and anticipated events in the Catalan city of Vic. It is held annually during Holy Week and is one of the oldest markets from Spain. What started in the...

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What to visit in Vic

There are certain cities that have a special charm. Whether it's because of the buildings, the people or the culture, but for some strange reason that desire to discover what surrounds you awakens within you. From investigating and getting lost in your metropolis. And, without a doubt, Vic is one of those cities with a special charm. …

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Things to do in Vic

We all enjoy our vacations in different ways. Some go for the more cultural side, visiting museums and temples. Others prefer the pleasure of connecting with other people at fairs or events. While some just want to be in contact with nature, either to disconnect and relax with the views or to let go...

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