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Mercat del Ram 2023: All the information on the historic Vic Market

The Mercat del Ram de Vic is one of the most important events and expected of the Catalan city of Vic. It is held annually during the Easter and is one of the oldest markets in Spain. What started in the 13th century As a gathering place for the sale of livestock and other agricultural products, today it has diversified to include a wide range of products, including food, handicrafts, clothing and much more. And all this without counting the multiple activities that are carried out for this event.

This year the market and the festivities take place on March 31, April 1 and 2. It is a good time to plan a getaway and be able to enjoy the Mercat del Ram and everything it offers us. If we are looking for accommodation, the Hotel Can Pamplona offers us its elegant and unique style, with a wonderful offer of accommodation + breakfast, perfect for a day in Vic.

In today's blog, we will discover everything that the Mercat del Ram offers us, both the products and the activities.

Mercat del Ram 2023: Local Activities and Products

One of the most outstanding elements of the Mercat del Ram is its festive and welcoming atmosphere. The city of Vic is transformed during market week, and visitors feel welcome at every turn. In addition, there is a wide variety of food and drink stalls that offer delicious local products, such as cold meats, cheeses, wines and sweets. Visitors can taste the local gastronomy and take home some of the typical products of the region.

Another point that attracts the attention of the whole world are the activities that are carried out in honor of the market. The most notable and well-known are:

The House of the Pages

A fairground destined to know the day to day of what happens in the farmhouses. Inside it has different areas, such as the field, the orchard, the grain and the stable. Each one explaining the agricultural process to the public, with animals included. All prepared to entertain and inform visitors, with various workshops and educational activities.


During the weekend, in the sports area, there are various exhibitions, dressage contests, show jumping, and all kinds of shows with a common protagonist, horses.

Other activities

Apart from the many activities and shows that are related to agriculture, during the Mercat del Ram other types of events also take place, such as sports competitions, contests, various exhibitions of human towers, etc.

Other markets and events in Vic

The Mercat del Ram is a unique and special event in the city of Vic. If you like traditional markets, food and culture, this is an event that you cannot miss. Also, if you have the opportunity to visit Vic at other times of the year, the city has other interesting markets and festivals that are also worth visiting. Some of them are the Medieval Market, the International Jazz Festival, the Early Music Festival and the Nadal Market. 

So, if you plan to go and enjoy all that the Mercat del Ram has to offer, book your room at the Hotel Can Pamplona and get ready to enjoy Vic.

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