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What to see in Vic

Full of culture, history and festivals, the region of osona It is the ideal place for tourism. You can enjoy all kinds of activities and events throughout the year, from enjoying music on the street to tasting all kinds of artisan products.

Vic, a place full of culture, fairs and activities

Cultural and Natural Tourism

In the culture section, we find several routes, museums and emblematic buildings to get to know Vic and the Osona region in depth. Some of the most notable structures are:

  • The Episcopal Museum: It contains one of the most important collections of medieval art in all of Europe. It consists of a total of 29,000 pieces, of which its paintings and sculptures stand out, both Gothic and Romanesque.
  • Main square: Also known as Mercadal. It has been used as a market place since the Middle Ages until today. In addition, multiple fairs and festivals.
  • Comella House: A beautiful neo-Gothic style structure with modernist touches. It is the work of Gaieta Buigas, author of the monument to Christopher Columbus in Barcelona.
  • the roman temple: Date of 1st century, but it was not discovered until 1882, since the montcada castle. The walls of the current temple formed its inner courtyard.
  • Vic's Cathedral: Originally from the 11th century. He still keeps his Bell tower, which is the highest in Catalonia of romantic style, although the cloister is closer to Gothic.

And these are just some of them. In this extensive list of ancient wonders we would also have to add the town hall, the old 14th century wall, the medieval Queralt bridge, the tanneries, etc.

Outdoor activities in Vic

For nature lovers, there are several routes, trails and activities in the middle of nature What can you do to enjoy Vic and its most natural surroundings? You can choose whether to explore foot, in MTB, in canoe, in quads, to horse, etc. And if you prefer heights, you can't miss the flight in balloon!

Festivals, Fairs and Markets

Vic is a city full of life, which throughout the year is filled with all kinds of markets, fairs and activities that draw attention and attract tourists from all over. Some examples of the most popular may be:

  • The Ram Market: perfect for him gastronomic tourism thanks to all your artisan products.
  • The Live Music Market: where you can enjoy all kinds of music and concerts.
  • Medieval Market: where we will find a wide and varied offer of food, street shows and all kinds of music, dances, trade recreations and children's activities.

Local gastronomy in Vic

One of the things that make Vic most famous is his gastronomy, specifically the Vic's sausage. Also called in Catalan as vic's longanissa, is a highly acclaimed local product, which has the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

In the past, it was so booming that it came to have more than 30 factories of sausages in the center of the city. Today, only one of these remains, so the best way to get the Vic's sausage It is in the markets that occur in the Main Square, or in one of the shops in the municipality.

Live an unforgettable experience in Vic

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