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What to visit in Vic

There are certain cities that have a special charm. Whether it's because of the buildings, the people or the culture, but for some strange reason that desire to discover what surrounds you awakens within you. From investigating and getting lost in your metropolis. And, without a doubt, Vic is one of those cities with a special charm. It is full of Romanesque buildings, museums and structures that are worth visiting.

Being a city of about 47,000 inhabitants, you could see its points of interest in the same day. But I think it can be better enjoyed if we take a little getaway and discover the city quietly while resting in a comfortable place. And that's where the Hotel Can Pamplona can help us, thanks to its unique and elegant style, its accommodation + breakfast option and its excellent location just a step away from the great historic center of the city.

In today's blog, we will see the most remarkable places that you cannot miss if you are in Vic.

Main square

Also Known As Mercadal, is one of the most emblematic places in Vic. It has been used as a market place since the Middle Ages until today, where every Tuesday and Saturday the traditional weekly market. In addition, multiple fairs and festivals are held there, such as the Ram Market, the Major Party or the Live Music Market

City Hall

In the same main square we find the town hall. a building of Baroque style accompanied by his little clock tower, which today is used as a tourist office. It also has some exceptional paintings by the author Josep Maria Sert, on the walls of the office room.

Comella House

A two-minute walk away we have this surprising neo-Gothic house with modernist touches, the work of the architect Gaieta Buigas, known for being the author of the famous monument to Christopher Columbus, located at the end of the popular Ramblas in Barcelona.

Its spectacular façade is worth photographing if we find ourselves in Vic.

Unfortunately, the interior of the house is not open to the public.

The Episcopal Museum of Vic

If we go deeper into the city, we find the MEV, the episcopal museum of Vic, just 5 minutes from the Plaza Mayor. It contains one of the most important collections of medieval art in all of Europe. It consists of a total of 29,000 pieces, of which its paintings and sculptures stand out, both Gothic and Romanesque. 


It is open to the public every day of the week, except Monday, although depending on the day or if it is a holiday the hours vary. The entrance is for a price of 8 euros for adults.

The Roman temple

Also located 5 minutes from the Plaza Mayor, is the famous Roman Temple of Vic. This historic structure of the 1st century It was not discovered until 1882, since the montcada castle. The walls of the current temple formed its inner courtyard.


Originally from Eleventh century, Vic Cathedral is an essential visit to do. He still keeps his Bell tower, which is the highest in Catalonia in Romanesque style, although the cloister is closer to Gothic. the exquisite murals inside the Cathedral bear the signature of Josep Maria Sert.

We can access it for free, but to visit certain special areas such as the crypt, the main altarpiece and the aforementioned cloister, you have to pay 2 euros per person. Without a doubt, it is worth it.

The medieval bridge of Queralt

Located on the shores of the meder river, this Romanesque bridge dates from Eleventh century. In the past, it was the one that allowed access to those arriving from Barcelona. 

To get to the bridge, we have to go through the Rambla del Bisbat, where in the past the old walls of Vic were located. Also, very close to it are the tanneries, where the skins were worked and dried.

As you can see, Vic is full of interesting points and places to visit and discover. So now you know, you just have to book the room that best suits your needs at the Hotel Can Pamplona and start this trip that you cannot miss.

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