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Vic, a city with medieval charm


Vic is a city full of charm and you will undoubtedly fall in love with the old town centre.

Do not miss the opportunity to know everything that has shaped the historical past of a city as important as Vic.

Mercadal Square (Plaza del Mercadal):

Mercadal Square is the center of Vic. Here, the very well-knwon market has been celebrated ever since .It is without, a doubt, the perfect starting point for discovering Vic.

Among the markets that take place here , some of the most important are the Mercat del Ram, the Vicantic, the Live Music Market, the Gastronomic Show and the Medieval Market. Weekly markets are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the morning.


The markets of Vic are very well-known and attract people from all over the world


The square is framed by 4 arcades and around it there are a few houses with examples of gothic, baroque, Renaissance and modernist architecture, and other buildings such as the Roman temple about which we will talk about further on.

In the southeast corner we find the town hall, a gothic building with a bell tower dating back to 1388. In the southwest corner, Casa Comella, a 19th century modernist palace.

One of the other buildings of interest in the square is Casa Costa.


Casa Costa: Modernist house of the 20th century

Built in 1906 by Josep Ylla, it is a ground floor and four-story building that stands out due to its large dimensions. The decoration of the openings, windows and balconies with sculptural motifs are outstanding. The sculptural compositions of the balconies of Pere Puntí and Terra on the first floor represent the four social estates of the time: peasantry, nobility, church and craftsmanship.

Other houses of interest in the square are:

Casa Tolosa: Baroque house from the 18th century

Casa Moixó: Baroque and Renaissance house from the 16th century

Casa Beuló: baroque and gothic house from the 16th century

Casa Cortina: modernist house of the XIX.


The Roman Temple:

The Roman temple of Vic (called Ausa in Roman times) has been declared as a Cultural Good of National Interest.

It was built at the beginning of the second century, at the highest part of the land next to the Mèder River.

For centuries it was an unknown building because it became a part of the Montcada castle, built at the end of the 11th century. Its walls were part of the inner courtyard of the castle and it wasn’t until 1882, when the old building was demolished, that its existence was discovered.

After the years went by, a group of illustrious Spaniards, amongst them, Josep Serra and Campdelacreu, acquired the monument in order to proceed to its recovery.

At that time the cell was covered , the wall of the facade was re-created, and in accordance with the only column preserved at the angle of the work NE and with the measures that It provided a fragment of recovered column shaft, the front area was constructed.

Finally, in 1959, the triangular pediment that crowns the colonnade was completed.

This building is visitable, so do not miss the opportunity to do it!


The Cathedral of Saint Peter:

St. Pere of Vic Cathedral mantains two splendid testimonies of its Romanesque past, the bell tower and the crypt, reconstructed by the Oliba bishop and abbot during the first half of the 11th century.

Centuries later, the Romanesque nave was replaced. Behind the neoclassical façade, there is a wide interior with three white vaults, on whose walls the paintings of Josep Maria Sert are impressed by their daring compositions and the fascinating contrast of bright gold with the darkness of the shadows.

In the ambulatory you can contemplate the extraordinary Gothic altarpiece of Pere Oller, and on the south side you will find a beautiful 14th century cloister.

Very close to the complex is the Episcopal Museum of Vic, with one of the most important collections of Romanesque and Gothic art in Europe, which is highly recommended for all those who love medieval art.


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