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Vic and Osona: Gastronomic Notes

Osona, with Vic as capital, puts at our reach many restaurants, more than five hundred, where you can taste the native cuisine of the area.

In their menus you will find many dishes that include many products of the region, the highest quality and an unbeatable taste.

Gastronomy has always been a key point when talking about Osona, hence there is a group that is dedicated to the promotion of it: Osona Cuina.

The great culinary tradition is also assured thanks to the Osona Culinary School , in Tona, where medium-cycle cooking courses are taught.  If you are curious about how they cook and how students do, take note ; there is a restaurant open to the public for you to go to.




Osona Cuina organizes routes that combine culture and gastronomy, if you are curious about it, take a look at some of them:

* The Romanesque route through the city of Vic: in addition to a route to discover the Romanesque jewels, the activity includes a lunch in some of the main restaurants in the town.

* Golf and discovery of Osona’s gastronomy: Are you a golf adict? You will just fall in love with this proposal. You can discover the beautiful streets of Muntanyà Golf Club in El Brull if you are an expert player. If you are a beginner, don’t worry you also have options, you can play in Pitch & Putt de Mas Gurumbau.

* Balloon ride: Balloon rides are an indescribable experience, why not put the finishing touch to the day with a meal in a good restaurant after enjoying the area by air?




When we think of Vic and Osona in general, a delicious variety of sausages come to mind, made with great care and with the best raw materials. The fuet with morcones, sobrasadas, sausages, fresh sausages and a long list of delicious proposals can not be missing from your list of Musts to taste. However, the cuisine of the area is not only characterized by the production of sausage, it is much richer and more diverse.

Dishes elaborated with pig meat, have exquisite typical products as side dishes such as: truffle, mushrooms, potatoes and Collsacabra beans will delight your palate.




We will mention only 4 restaurants, but remember that in Vic in particular, and in Osona in general, gastronomy is delicious.

Can Jubany – Calldetenes

It stand as one famous restaurant of the in Catalonia, both for its location in a beautiful farmhouse and for the talent of chef Nandu Jubany, a tremendously restless man who does not stop to undertake new gastronomic projects. The access to the farmhouse allows you to see the annexed garden, from which many of their products are collected. The kitchen , shows the perfect balance between tradition and avant-garde before even entering the dining room. The cozy interior surprises with several rooms with a rustic-contemporary atmosphere,. The passionate chef, who starts seeking the happiness of customers at all costs, proposes a current cuisine of marked traditional roots, with very well prepared dishes that take as a starting point the use of Catalan products of enormous quality and achievement of flavors.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste the dishes of this restaurant with 1 Michelin Star.

Boira – Vic

Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine born from the best raw materials in a cozy place in the center of Vic. Do not forget to make your reservation when you plan to visit the establishment.


Magda Subirana – Vic

Traditional cuisine made as before, over low heat and with great care. If you want to taste the typical cuisine of Vic, you can not miss it, you will love it. Considered as a reference in terms of Catalan cuisine in Vic, the Magda Subirana’s restaurant awaits you with dishes made with great passion.


El Caliu – Vic

If you are looking for a cozy and familiar environment, El Caliu awaits you,; a tiny and very pleasant place, with grilled meats as a specialty. The best raw materials cooked with wood and accompanied by local vegetables. A great option if you are looking for a home style cooking and an intimate and peaceful environment.

As you can see, Vic waits for you full of surprises, beautiful corners and delicious dishes.

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